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Search, Discover, Share: The Trail Trekkers Program

The Trail Trekkers Program offers a series of hikes located throughout the Bay Area that can be completed by Cub Scout age boys (from 6-11 years) and their families. These are opportunities for outdoor adventures that are high in “boy appeal”, that allow a boy and his family to learn about the world around them, and that also include a wide range of activities. Some are more physically demanding and more appropriate for Webelos-age boys. Others can be completed by any age group.

One of the exciting aspects of the Trail Trekkers Program are the embroidered patches that can be awarded to all successful hikes after completing the requirements for each hike. But remember that the earning of a patch should not be the reason for completing a hike; rather, the Trekkers patch should be a memento to show that one has enjoyed a family scouting event. When worn on a patch vest or jacket, the basic Trekkers patch is surrounded by smaller hike patches, showing an ever-growing pattern of fun. All patches must be earned by following the directions in this program guide. Any family member who completes all of the requirements is eligible to get a patch which can be purchased at the East Bay Scout Shop using the Trail Trekkers Patch Order Form. Only one patch per weekend may be earned by an individual. Boy Scouts serving as Den Chiefs are also eligible to earn the patches if they hike with their Den.

Trail Trekkers Cub Scout Progressive Hike Award

Trail Trekker patches are available at the East Bay Scout Shop.

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